Apple vision pro review : Features, function, Price, and why expensive

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about a computer which you can wear, which is such an amazing device. In this post we will tell you completely about apple vision pro review

In this post we will tell you completely about apple vision pro review. price, features and why apple vision pro expensive

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Apple vision pro

Apple vision pro review , Features and Price

This device has been made by Apple, whose name is Apple Vision Pro. This device is designed like glasses and a headset, the apple Vision Pro is virtual reality headset. this device is changing world. And Very amazing product

Apple vision pro Features :

Capacity256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Display23 million pixels, 3D display system
ChipsR1 (256GB/s memory), M2 (16GB unified memory)
CameraStereoscopic 3D main camera system, Spatial photo and video capture
BatteryUp to 2 to 2.5 hours
Operating Systemvision OS
InputHands, Eyes, Voice
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A total of six cameras have been installed inside the Apple Vision Pro, four of which are on the inside and two on the outside. Apart from this, 6 micro phones have been installed for voice.

You won’t need any other device to run Apple Vision Pro as it is a computer in itself. Inside you will find R1 and M2 processor. With that you are given 16GB ram.

This device is such that you can control it only with your eyes, hand movement and your voice. 6 camera and , 6 microphone read your eye and hand movement . And screen is more pixels than 4k tv . For each eye

If you have a MacBook, can you use the Apple Vision Pro as an external screen.

Apple vision pro review

You also feel comfortable after wearing Apple Vision Pro, hence good quality soft fabric has been given in it. You can set it according to your size. And apart from this, it remains cool inside. Two fans have been installed for this. And good quality speakers have been installed. So that you can hear the sound of the video well.

Why is Vision Pro so expensive?

Apple Vision Pro is one such device. Whenever you talk to someone on video call, you will feel as if the other person is in your room and you are talking face to face.

If there is any best memory of your life. You also have a video of this. So you can experience this moment by playing it in Apple Vision Pro.

If you are building your own house and you want to know how this house will look after construction. So if you have 3d design of this house. So you can run it in your Apple Vision Pro. And you can see how the house will look after construction.

Do you need iPhone for Apple Vision Pro?

When it comes to sharing your view on Apple Vision Pro, you’ll need to have the right devices. To use Apple Vision Pro, you’ll need an iPhone with iOS 17.2 or later, an iPad with iPad OS 17.2 or later, a supported Mac with macOS Monterey or later, an Apple TV (2nd generation or later), or an Air Play-compatible smart TV. It’s great that Apple has made it available on multiple devices, giving users more options to experience it.

Apple vision pro price

The price of Apple Vision is $3500. It’s a bit on the higher side, but it’s because of the advanced technology and features it offers.

Q : Apple vision Pro price in USA

Apple vision pro price in USA is around $3499

Q : Apple vision Pro price in india

Apple vision pro price in india is around Rs 2.8 lakh.

Q : Apple vision Pro price in UK

Apple vision pro price in UK is around £3,499

Q : Apple vision Pro price in Dubai

Apple vision pro price in Dubai is around $3499

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